Liebig Ultraplus Undercut Anchors For Cracked & Uncracked Concrete

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Liebig Ultraplus

The undercut anchor for exceptionally high loads in cracked and uncracked concrete

Original anchoring technology

Structural engineering professionals around the world will know and appreciate the modular design and absolute strength of the LIEBIG ULTRAPLUS® undercut anchor – now part of the EJOT manufacturing portfolio since 2017.

Designed for use where safety is critical, applications include installations into nuclear power plants, industrial plants, conveyor systems, cranes and also for special civil engineering solutions.

This short animation shows how the LIEBIG ULTRAPLUS® undercut anchor is engineered to withstand high loads. A separate undercut is created within the drill hole. When the anchor is inserted through the fixture, spring pressure opens the expanding segments locking into the undercut with an audible click. The result is a mechanical interlock without expansion stresses. By applying the specified torque, the fixture is fastened in position. The “positive undercut” allows perfect bearing of the segments and ensures reliable transmission of the load into the concrete.

Benefits of using Liebig Ultraplus

  • Reliable fixing for high loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • High margin of safety due to positive undercutting
  • Produced from high strength materials
  • The spring automatically compensates for tolerances in the fixture
  • Modular design allows for custom lengths and assemblies
  • Reduced edge distances and spacings
  • Proven performance history in resisting dynamic loads, shock loads, and seismic loads. Expert reports available for these and other applications.
benefits of liebig ultraplus anchor