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The LIEBIG ULTRAPLUS® anchor offers the highest tensile and shear performance of any other undercut anchor, from 320KN tensile load and beyond!

The LIEBIG ULTRAPLUS® undercut anchor is designed for use in applications where reliability and safety are absolutely essential, e.g. for anchoring safety-relevant components in nuclear power plants, for industrial plants, conveyor systems, cranes and also for special civil engineering solutions.

Undercut anchors present the strongest option for fixing into concrete. The process of ‘undercutting’ creates a flared cavity within the substrate. When in place, the anchor utilises the full capacity of the concrete to resist the application load. The LIEBIG ULTRAPLUS design offers the highest tensile and shear performance of any other undercut anchor on the market, from 320KN tensile load and beyond!

liebig ultraplus features


When the anchor is installed the expansion segments are driven down to the undercut within the drilled hole. The spring pressure automatically expands the segments into the undercut with an audible “click.” This results in a mechanical undercut connection without any expansion pressure. The “positive undercut” allows perfect bearing of the segments and ensures reliable transmission of the load into the concrete.


  • Safe and proven performance of in resisting dynamic loads, shock loads and seismic loads
  • Safety is increased through the positive undercut action
  • Manufactured using high grade materials
  • Tolerances within the fixture thickness are compensated by the spring mechanism
  • Bespoke lengths and assemblies easily achieved through modular design
  • Edge distances and spacings are reduced
  • Proven performance history – engineering reports available for numerous applications
  • Suitable for cracked and non-cracked concrete